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Return Policy

PublicDeliveryTrack offers the following Returns Policy:

Any defective merchandise is warranteed by the manufacturer.  We will do our best to help, but the 1st thing to do is contact the manufacturer.

If you have problems, let us know.

Any merchandise that you would like to return because you changed your mind, or ordered the wrong thing, we can accept  with the following conditions..

1.  Item is still new in box with all the original packing.  We cannot accept return of merchandise that has been used by the purchaser.

2.   Purchaser pays for cost to ship merchandise back to us.

3.   There will be a 20% restocking charge for items under $100, and a 15% restocking fee for merchandise over $100.

4.  Return is requested within 30 days of receipt of item.

PAINT....These are models to be played with, not museum pieces.    Small wear marks or scuffs are the normal.   If you need paint of any item to be absolutely perfect, again, we are probably not the right dealer for you.  We cannot guarantee paint to be any better than how we receive if from the manufacturer.    Also, ther are a few ppl out there who complain about imperfections in paint in order to get a refund or lower price.  This is known as "beating someone up on price", and it is not appreciated.  If you think the price we ask for an item is too much, please dont buy it.  

Also , while we do our best to have boxes in decent condition, we DO NOT warrantee the condition of boxes.   Most of are clientele are operators, and we guarantee the condition of the trains, not the boxes.  If you are a super picky collector and need boxes in pristine condition, we are probably not the best dealer for you.


FWIW...and with all due respect, I really dont like returns.  This is a small company, basically operated by just me, and I barely have time to get orders shipped out.   Please do your research and be sure of what u want before purchasing. .Also please DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD. 

Believe me, I want to keep customers happy, but a few ppl have really tried my patience. If you are a really picky person, I really suggest that you find another dealer.




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