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Thanks for visiting our store. Most items are shipped within a week of purchase. If you need something by a certain date, please let us know.  We will do our best get you your purchases shipped quickly.

Our model business mainly is with good quality real scale models of the real thing. No, we don't have aquarium cars, or cop and hobo cars. We have a few commemorative cars at times, as we acquire them as part of larger purchases. But's O gauge models of the real thing. 

Thanks for looking at our store. It's a very small part of what we actually have in stock (several hundred engines, and 3000+ freight cars).  If you need a specific car or engine for a particular railroad, please contact us--email is best!  Please give road name and type of car rather then mfgr's #'s, and whether you want a 2 or 3 rail model.   

Thanks for you business, 
Beth Marshall 
Owner, The Public Delivery Track