February 6, 2021

Posted by Beth on 7th Feb 2021

Coming from Lionel...Manufacturers Rwy sets, a bunch of freight cars, Reading Heavyweight passenger cars. Vermont Railway and B&M milk cars

February 1, 2021

Posted by Beth on 2nd Feb 2021

Well...we made it thru the storms last week....The same one thats dumping snow on the Northeast.Now...on the way..Atlas ...40' reefers as me

October 19, 2020

Posted by Beth on 20th Oct 2020

Just bought about 150 NOS freight cars. 2005-2015 vintage mostly. Atlas, Weaver, and Lionel. Slowly getting them up on the web as time permi

August 13, 2020

Posted by Beth on 14th Aug 2020

New Special run approved by Atlas. Delivery in Dec this year!!6 different PS4750 grain covered hoppers, all from different CO-OP's, all pink

August 12, 2020

Posted by Beth on 13th Aug 2020

New arrivals...Atlas O 50'6" IPD style box cars...MRL, Pan Am, RBOX, CSX. Also about a half dozen oldies of this car back in stock.Atlas O U

July 1, 2020

Posted by Beth on 2nd Jul 2020

A lot has happened in the last few months. LOTS of Atlas NOS cars have 400 cars.Quite a few MTH engines, and remainder of the