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The Public Delivery Track


Welcome to The Public Delivery Track


We DO NOT CHARGE SALES TAX for any shipments to addresses outside the state of California.   We are below the threshold for having to collect sales tax in the 49 states where we do not have any presence.  Our only presence is in the state of CA, where we do have to collect sales tax.



"O" gauge model trains, 2 and 3 rail..Atlas, Weaver, Golden Gate, Sunset/3rd rail, MTH, K-line, Williams, Lionel.  Specializing in full scale models of the real railroads. We have "old, new stock" going back to the 1990's.  "We know trains"..Thanks for your business!  You can email us at, or call 805-226-0320 between 10am and 3pm PACIFIC TIME

                       Special Note on Weaver Cars, 2 rail diecast sprung trucks
   Because of the lack of availability of Weaver diecast sprung trucks in 2 rail, I am having to convert 3 rail weaver trucks to 2 rail. This is very time consuming, and also results in some trucks breaking in the process. 
   Therefore, for the meantime, until I can get a reliable source of diecast sprung 2 rail trucks that will fit Weaver cars, I will have to charge $27. per car for Weaver cars with 2 rail diecast sprung trucks.  This will not be reflected in the verbiage on each weaver car, as there is no time for me to adjust the wording on 500+ weaver cars in stock. But it will be indicated on the options that u select when purchasing an item.



The Latest News

Oct 19, 2020....

Just bought about 150 NOS freight cars.  2005-2015 vintage mostly. Atlas, Weaver, and Lionel.  Slowly getting them up on the web as time permits.


Aug 20, 2020...

Atlas....50' 6" 1970's style IPD box cars are in short supply.  Just a few left.    40' AAR box cars just got here...dont have many of them left either.

Being shipped to us now.....53' gunderson maxi-stack well cars, 40' AAR double door box cars, and 25,500 gallon tank cars.    I'll start invoicing  people for pre-orders over the weekend.  This stuff will probably arrive here 1st week of Sept.


New runs announced are Bay window cabooses (they are up on the website now for pre-order), refreigerated 40' containers, and 33,000 gallon tank cars.  The containers and the 33,000 tank cars I still have to put up on the web.  I'll probably do it when I'm watching the dodgers game later today


MTH....Some more diesels and scale freight cars, and some of the Military flat cars have arrived.   I havent even had time to open up the boxes yet. I'll also try to get all that stuff on the website within the next few days.


Lionel....stuff shows up a little at a time.  Have some 21" passenger cars that need to get up on the web.


Inventory...New old stock that will get up on the web eventually.....Lionel full scale freight cars, MTH Premier and railking cars (freight and passenger) ,Atlas engines (just a handful), Weaver SD-40's, U25's, E-8's and sharks (all 3 rail), Williams diesel and steam, and more GGD passenger cars.   Also about to pick up 60 more old Atlas reefers, that I'll get up on the web once they get here. 


Other news (not that u asked) ..The sun was orange all day yesterday from smoke in the air.   The air was thick with the smell of smoke, just walking out the front door.  Luckily the fires arent that close.    Temps have been in the 100's for over a week now, and internet and phone service has been up and down, but the A/C hasnt quit, so we are doing OK.  Seems a few more people are taking the Covid seriously now, and new cases are diminishing slightly...and Hollywood is beginning to film next week Im going back down to LA for the 1st time since March.  Both my daughters came to visit for a few days, so that was really nice.    About 11 orders behind right now, so trying to get caught up....


Aug 13, 2020....New Special run approved by Atlas.  Delivery in Dec this year!!  

6 different PS4750 grain covered hoppers, all from different CO-OP's, all pink. Originally 1970's-1980's cars.  6 different co-ops, 1 number for each car.  Available separately or in a 6 car set.   Look under pre-orders/newest


Aug 12, 2020.....New arrivals...

Atlas O  50'6" IPD style box cars...MRL, Pan Am, RBOX, CSX.  Also about a half dozen oldies of this car back in stock.

Atlas O USRA 2 bay hopper cars..LV, NKP, PSE&G, and our special run of LNE.  These are some of the nicest non-brass O gauge cars ever made.

MTH...E-8's, R50b's, Military flat cars with loads.  also picked up some older flat cars with container loads



July 1, 2020......A lot has happened in the last few months.  LOTS of Atlas NOS cars have 400 cars.

Quite a few MTH engines, and remainder of the Atlas 60' coaches, and 53' containers.

Most recently.....

1. Our special run MTH Premier 64' wood coaches are on their way here from MTH.   There are not a lot of them.  18 cars of each road in 3 rail, and 15 of each in 2 rail. The roads are Rock Island, NYO&W, and Raritan River.  Unlettered there are 36 of each in 3 rail, and 36 in 2 rail. Thats it. 

2. just had 2 pallets of MTH show up.  A lot of it is buildings and signals and figures and other roadside siuff.  We have a ton of figures here that have never been up on the website..MTH and K-line, and woodland scenics.

3. many of u probably know...I order extras of stuff for stock, so U can still pre-order out of our extras up until the items arrive from MTH. What i order extra of is mostly diesels (2 rail and 3 rail)   and scale sized freight cars.  Not so much in MTH passenger cars, as they are 80' cars kinda squeezed down to 70' .....but there are about 20 sets of NOS mth passenger sets here.  They look OK, but we have mostly Golden Gate in the passenger car dept, as they are full scale sized cars

4. Expecting  2  pallets of Atlas in 2-3 weeks.  50'6" ACF box cars, 55 ton 2 bay hopper cars (including our special run LNE hoppers) and AAR 40' box cars.

5. Atlas GP-7's expected in October. Still a few available for pre-orders, but not a lot.

Everything is on the website under "pre-orders".  I'll post pix again when I have time.

Thanks, and be safe.


March 26, 2020..

Atlas O 60' passenger cars are here, with the exception of the Monon and CGW combines.  We are expecting these to follow from Atlas at some time.

MTH East Penn and EJ&E GP38's arrived, 3 rail and 2 rail.

Lionel passenger cars are on their way.

some Lionel 50'  (1950's-60's style) are here, and a few more LionScale (weaver cars) are here.


Feb 20th, 2020

1. Special Run of MTH Premier 64' open vestibule wood side coaches now available pre-order.  Raritan River, NYO&W, Rock Island, and pullman green, unlettered.  3 rail and 2 rail.  Very Limited quantities.  Im not kidding.  Also working on getting PRR and SF M/W versions, plus unlettered yellow and silver M/W cars.

2. Latest run of Atlas 40' steel reefers and stock cars are here.

3. MTH GP-7's  Illinois terminal and EL are here

4. MTH 2 rail F-7's....EL and GN in stock

5. MTH 3 rail E-8's now here...PRR (with antennas), NYC, Santa Fe

6. About a dozen more special run items are in the works...






Jan 31, 2020

Just put some of the items from the Lionel 2020 Vol 1 catalog up for pre-order. These are items we will be ordering for stock, so they will be available for pre-order past the Lionel Feb 26th order deadline.  We can order anything else from the catalog too, but only till the deadline date.  Please email us if there is anything else Lionel that you want.

Latest MTH arrivals are now available on the website. 



Jan 28th, 2020.....


Just really quickly.....Atlas spring announcements for pre-order...8000 gallon tank cars, Magor cupola cabooses, 40' containers.  All are available for pre-order on our website.   I'll put up pix and stuff when I have time.   Also some MTH RS-3's and SW1500's just arrived...havent even opened the cases yet to see what they are...but they will be up on the web later today.     Just bought out all the remaining Golden Gate depot Heavyweight cars they had....diners, obs, baggage, and bag-mail.   Will be updating listing on the web of what we have tomorrow...


Also have been adding some Atlas New Old Stock engines...about 10 up so far..and about a dozen left to go.


Also will be trolling the MTH in stock list later today, and ordering some things and getting them up on the web.  U'd be amazed at some things that they have sitting in  stock.....altho its that way with everyone.    U just have to go digging.....

Picked up about 100 NOS atlas cars in the lst few months..they are on the web now. Still have a lot of MTH from the 2000-2010 era to get listed...will take time, but working on it.








Oct 15, 2019....

Magor cabooses are on the way from Atlas. Some of the Atlas switchers that were OOS, are back.  Atlas 2 rail and 3 rail trucks back in stock.   Will be getting MTH 2 rail trucks in stock, hopefully.

Lionel Legacy GP-35's now in stock.  RFP, CNW, and Lycoming Valley.

MTH NYC F units in stock in 2 rail.  Just a few.

Atlas 2nd run of Wagontop box cars, and Pullman-Bradley coaches announced.  They are available for pre-order now. 

MTH 2020 Vol 1 catalog coming out.  So much stuff. I'm going to get as much of the Premier and railking scale stuff up for pre-order as I can. Will start with engines. I'm going to stick with the schemes that I think are most popular.



Sept 1, 2019.....

OMG, its been a while since I posted anything here. Have been posting on the OGR forum, but forgot about here! 

So Anyway, a lot has happened.

1. Atlas 3 rail bettendorf and rollerbearing trucks just arrived. 2 rail will be here soon.

2. Atlas engine production have become very limited.  Preorders are available for the GP-7's and RSD-15's, but that's it.

Due to this, we have started handling a lot more MTH and Lionel Engines.  Mostly diesels, as thats what I know, but also some steam engines...I try to limit it to ones that sell for 899. or less.  We also have a decent supply of MTH 2 rail steam engines.

New Diesels now in stock..

Lionel..GP-7's, SW's, RS-11's, SD-70ACe's

MTH..GE 44tonners, SW-1's, SW 7/9's, SD-70's, AS616's.

There are also quite a few 2005-2015 vintage diesels here.  Putting them up on the web as time permits...

3. We are stocking (and have in stock) the Lionel "LionScale" cars, which are the former weaver cars.  We sell them individually (not everyone need 6 of something) and most of them we also have available with the 3 rail plastic Weaver trucks, at a reduced price. Also have a very limited # of the Lionel 2 rail conversion kits, and hope to be able to sell them with Weaver 2 rail trucks on them. I have a good supply of Weaver 3 rail diecast trucks...need to see if I can change some of them to 2 rail easily.

4. Have some of the Lionel full scale highly detailed  cars in stock now. 50' gonds and flats, 65' gonds, the new piggyback cars, the former Weaver B60's and RPO's, the new 2 bay hopper cars, the pup trailers.  Have about 100 older (2005-2015) Lionel high detail cars here that need to be put up on the web still.

5. Have gotten a lot of our MTH premier freight cars up on the web, but still a lot to go.   Also stocking some of the new MTH freight cars.  The 60' Tropicana reefers just got here.

6. stuff is up for pre-order, including the Comet passenger cars (1st run in a long time) and the articulated auto carriers.  I cant for the life of me remember whats come in recently, but obviously we have everything new from Atlas.

7. Golden Gate Depot....Latest run of Observation cars, Diners, RPO's and baggage cars are here.  Still waiting for some folks to pay for their pre-orders..but the dust has kind of settled, and will be putting more up on the web soon.

That's it for now.   Thanks.....





Feb 26th....MTH Erie and SP GE 44tonners on there way here, plus a few new 2 rail engines. Lionel 40' flat cars with loads (the scale ones)  Only have pickering lumber, but the price is reasonable  64.95...compared to the 89.95 retail.  Repaint them for your fav RR.  Lionel WM USRA scale hopper cars. Atlas coil cars up for pre-order.

Atlas back in stock...CN PS-4750's, BNSF and UP dash 8's. USRA hoppers..PM, CNJ, P-S, MoPac, Lackawanna. SF F-7 B's 2r, non-powered for 189.95.  Lackawanna white 40' reefers, CSX & CP 60' hycubes.


Feb 20, 2019....New stuff in stock....Lionel Legacy SW-7's, GP-9's, SD-70ACe's.  MTH GE 44 tonners, SD-70's, and others. About 100 additional MTH New-old-stock freight cars up on the web now.  Golden Gate Depot OGLE coaling towers back in stock..Lower price..199.95.  Atlas...about 60 additional New old stock cars listed.  USRA 2 bay hoppers, PS4750's,  a few reefers, and more.   A few F-7 non powered B units on sale. Weaver...diecast sprung trucks available.  Lots of  1920's ARA box cars and outside braced (wood) box cars listed now.  Lionelscale (Weaver made by Lionel)...some 40' PS-1 bx cars, 57' reefers, and offset 3 bay hopper cars, 1970's style 50' box cars available. Lots more on order from Lionel, and available for pre-order (AC-2 covered hoppers, more box cars and hopper cars) Lionel Legacy C-420's available for pre-order, and latest announcements from Atlas.  Going to be listing Z-stuff and a lot of MTH and Woodland Scenics buildings in the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for shopping....  beth


Jan 1, 2019.  Happy new year!  Cant believe 6 months has gone by so fast.

The latest...

Altho we are mostly known for having Atlas O stuff, we now are stocking more MTH and Lionel. We are getting mostly full O scale sized items, and things that are different, or, IMHO, just cool.  MTH GE 44 tonners are on their way, and Lionel SD-70ACe's just got here.  Lionel remakes of the Weaver B60 baggage cars are here, and a lot of the ex-Weaver cars, now Lionel "Lionelscale".  BTW, we are selling the Lionelscale cars with weaver plastic trucks installed, at a lower price, for those who want to save a few bucks.  Also have Weaver diecast sprung trucks. available separately now.

Also, we have the Lionel B60's available in 2 rail, which Lionel doesnt offer.

Have been digging thru a stockpile of MTH freight cars, and getting more up on the web for sale.  Some date back to 1996.  After I finish up the MTH premier 50' box cars and cabooses, and misc cars, I'll start in on the pile of Lionel scale cars thats here.  Maybe a hundred cars, all full scale.  We do have the new GLa hoppers up for sale now. Then there's still Lionel engines from the 2000-2010 range, and a LOT of k-line that maybe i'll get around to before im dead. haha.

Will continue to put more MTH buildings up on the web, and going to start in with signals, lamps, accessories.  AND get the Z stuff up on the web. We still have Z-stuff here from back when we did shows.

Atlas...I cant even remember everything that's come in.. Most notably, i guess, are the Dash 8's.  Everyone seems to like them. We have about 10 left in 2 rail and 10 in 3 rail.  Troop sleepers are back in stock, Ex-weaver pullman-bradley coaches are here, new 50' box cars, tank cars, cant remember what else.

Golden Gate...heavyweight diners, obs cars, baggage cars, and rpo's should be here in march.  Bought out the remaining stock of 70' (harriman style) cars, so they are here.

Have been getting a lot of new customers recently, and people asking "do you have this in stock?"  Especially from 2 railers, who cant believe we have 2 rail. (I think we are one of the top 5 Atlas/MTH/Golden Gate/Weaver 2 rail dealers) 

Just so everyone knows...we keep the website up to date, and it is 98% accurate. 

I'll try to update this at least once a month now......    beth



July 5, 2018....The Lionel 50' flat cars with trailers have arrived.  Yes, we are starting to sell some of the full scale Lionel stuff, including all the former Weaver stuff that they are doing.  Also just arrived are the former Weaver UPFE 57' Mechanical reefers, and the NP and Reading 40' PS-1 box cars.  All these cars have diecast sprung trucks and couplers.  We also have about 10 other former Weaver cars (now being made by Lionel) in stock.  They are all listed under Lionel and Weaver.   

We also just bought all the remaining stock of Golden Gate depot Harriman cars. I'm just starting to look thru and see whats here.  Should be able to get them up on the web this weekend.   Thanks.


Jun 6, 2018.....The Atlas O 8000 gallon tank cars, including the Flying A tank cars,  and the Dash-8 40cw's have arrived.  We will start shipping on Monday.If you have a pre-order, u can send us a credit card number thru this web sites messaging system, or call 805-226-0320 , or request a paypal invoice.  If you did not pre-order, but would like to order, all these items are available on this website.  Thanks....beth


March 8, 2018....Have been in LA most of the last 2 weeks....the Television biz has had work for me.  Gonna get caught up this weekend I hope.  60' hycubes and 60' passenger cars arrived from Atlas. Havent shipped yet.  If youve been waiting a long time for your trains...please bear with me.   Thanks....beth


Feb 6th, 2018.   Things are back to normal here.  All outstanding orders will be shipped by monday.  The latest run of Atlas 60' passenger cars is on its way here from Atlas.. Also new announcements from Atlas (50' ACF box cars, 1937 box cars) will be up on the web for pre-order shortly...


Jan 15th, 2018...Just so everyone knows....The mudslides in the Santa Barbara-Ventura area have closed the 101 freeway in that area.  This is the main route that all our shipments go thru, both in and out.   The Post Office, and Fedex, (I think) are rerouting things the long way to LA.   Inbound freight from Manufacturers to us, tho, has be stuck in LA so far.  This includes the Atlas GACC reefers, the airslides, 50' flat cars.  We are just waiting.  We will get on the phone tomorrow, and see what the latest plans are.   Thanks for your pateince.    beth


Dec 24th, 2017.    Happy Holidays to everyone. 

Latest arrivals from Atlas include The 2nd run of Gunderson Maxi-stack cars, and 53' containers, and 40' steel reefers.   Arriving right after christmas are  the 53' GACC express reefers, 50' flat cars with pipe load, 40' trainman steel box cars with the 8' doors, and the latest run of Airslide covered hopper cars. I think paypal invoices have been sent out to everyone who pre-ordered.  If u dont want to pay with paypal, just call us at 805-226-0320. 

Golden Gate depot...Have a number of Harriman passenger cars in stock. New stuff....working on another run of heavyweight Baggage, baggage/mail, diner, and observation cars.  Because short runs of these cars can be done, and keep the price down, we've listed 24+ road names.  Final production will depend on what is received in pre-orders.  Target is to have the cars in stock within a year...none of this 3 year wait stuff. We do still have some of the heavyweight cars from previous runs in stock, which are listed in the website. We still have some aluminum passenger cars in stock, but the pile is getting thin.

MTH....Have been picking up some of their closeout stuff, and getting if up on the website.  Quite a few diesels and some steam engines. Lots of MTH freight cars here...trying to get them up on the time permits.

Lionel....Have the ex-Weaver items (Lion Scale) up for sale and pre-order. All cars are available individually..You dont have to buy 6 car sets.  Also have about 200 Lionel Scale freight cars here...we will get them up for sale..hopefully within a month or two.


Oct 27th..... Atlas (former weaver) B&O wagontop box car and 50' composite gondolas are on their way from Atlas.  Also Atlas 40' Steel rebuilt  box cars and 50' PS-1 box cars.  I'll sending out invoices this weekend.  If you have some on order and want to pay with a CC, you can always call us 805-226-0320. 



LIONEL scale cars and LionScale (former Weaver cars)

Since we had been Weaver Dealers forever, we decided to carry a limited amount of the Lionel LionScale freight cars, for now, which are former Weaver freight cars. We'll se how the interest is. We are trying to keep the price about the same as the original weaver cars, with diecast trucks. The cars in the 2017 Lionel Signature catalog will be listed for pre-order as soo as I have a chance.   We will also carry some of the other cars..the 50' TOFC's ....and maybe the B60's....The price of the B60's from Lionel is higher than what we sell the Weaver B60's for.  We probably have about 60 of the Weaver B60's left...and as far as I can see....the Lionel ones are no different.  We may pick up a few to see if there is any interest at the Lionel price.  Also have about 200 Lionel Scale cars here...that have been accumulating over the years.  So we will start listing them as time permits.   Also a couple dozen Lionel scale engines.  But they will be last.


We have 2 new Flying A gasoline Atlas 8000 gallon tank cars scheduled for end of 2017 arrival.  Both the earlier version (small flying A in a circle) and the later version (larger flying A).  The earlier version will have the original "ASSOCIATED" name and AOX reporting marks (Yes the "Flying A" was for Associated Oil Company of Bakesrfield, Ca) , and the later logo car with have the TIDEWATER name and TWOX reporting marks. (Tide Water started in New York City) Tidewater bought Associated and retained the Flying A brand. The merged company was officially The Tidewater Associated Oil Company well into the 1950's.  The company had tank cars with both the AOX and TWOX reporting marks, into the 1950's.  At least 2 of the AOX tank cars and one of the TWOX remain in musuems/tourist line today.

Also we are scheduling the GATX plain old black 11,000 gallon tank car.  The vast majority of tank cars i  real life are just plain black, but the classic and ubiquitous  1930's-1960's GATX center sill tank car has not been done in a highly detailed O scale model in recent memory.




Oct, 2017.   Just picked up about 100 Golden Gate Harriman cars.  Mostly SP green, but a few SP 2 tone gray, plus some IC, CB&Q, Reading and UP yellow.   Also some more 12-1 and 8-1-2 sleepers.     Atlas 62' bulkhead flat cars and 68' flat cars with pipe loads are also now in stock.   Arriving end of October are the B&O Wagon Top Box cars, the 52'6" composite gondolas, and the next run of USRA steel rebuilt box cars.



Sept 2017...Swept the floor at Atlas and Golden Gate recently. About a dozen new things listed, that we were out of.  Including some Sunset brass  B-1 rats with proto1 QSI sound in 3 rail (PRR),  and some 0-1's in 2 rail.  A few more GGD sleepers, and the GGD coaling towers are back in stock.   Flying A 8000 tank cars are in production for end of year arrival.  Also going to schedule the GATX 11,000 gallon tank car.  Just plain black, like 99% of all the tank cars out there. Pending...waiting for OK from Atlas.....Associated Oil flying A tank car, and Atlantic Oil 11,000 gallon tank car.   Just listed the other 11,000 gallon Atlas tank cars, and the next run of Atlas troop cars.  Arriving in a few weeks....Atlas 68' flat cars and 62' bulkhead flat cars with pipe loads, and the 55 ton 2 bay coal hoppers.  The LNE 2 bay hopper cars will be scheduled with the next run, as will M&E 3 bay hopper cars when the get scheduled again.

2 Rail steam engines...there isnt a lot that's been made, as 2 railers know. we have been picking up some MTH Premier steam locos in 2 rail.  We have close to a dozen different MTH 2 rail steam engines up on the web site right now.

MTH 2 rail diesels....Just went digging down in our MTH 2 rail area...and put up 20 more different MTH 2 rail diesels up on the website. All are new in box from MTH.




July 2017....Arriving from Atlas this month...PS4750 covered hopper cars, 36' wood reefers, 1970's style ACF 50' box cars,  USRA single sheathed and double sheathed box cars.   About a dozen steam engines in inventory have been listed..MTH and Weaver, 2 rail and 3 rail.  Plans are to update the Atlas, MTH and Sunset/3rd rail  diesel engine listings.


June 2017....MTH diesels and electrics....going thru the inventory and getting a lot of new stuff listed.  Also getting some closeout deals from MTH.  Atlas..EL. PRR, Santa Fe F-7's back in stock in 2 rail and 3 rail.  Coming in about 2 weeks...PS4750's, 50' ACF modern (1970's+) box cars, the newest 36' reefers.  All these items are sold out at Atlas, but we have extras of each. coming. They are availble to order now, with shipping expect to start end of june.

ALSO.....we bought 300+ hard to find and special run freight cars from Atlas.  Will be putting these up on the web site as time permits. 


May, 2017....Has it been that long?    OMG!    OK, I'm going to try to update this at least once a month.

The latest...Atlas...The Santa Fe and some EL F-7's are on there way to us, along with the latest run of coil cars.  Also during the last few months, the 25,500 tank cars arrived, and 1937 double door box cars, 3 bay hopper cars (including the ones with wood chip service lettering) and 40' plug door box cars...

Golden Gate Depot/Sunset models....We were just up there sweeping the floor, and pickup up the remainder of the modernized heavyweight passenger cars, and a lot of heavyweight sleepers.  Also have available now some F-7's, SD-7's and 9's, and some other engines at discounted prices.  AND, have 2 cincinnatian sets, and one 8 car CP set available, but dont know how long they will last. and some 8 car Santa Fe EL CAPITAN high level pass car sets....

And the large coaling towers are back in stock at a discounted price.

MTH....Have been slowly updating the website and getting stuff up on the web.  Especially buildings.  Next will work on updating engines, and freight cars.

Freight car bodies...Have a number of Atlas and Weaver freight car bodies that we will put up for sale...for custom painting, or replacing a broken shell, or whatever. Some are just the shells, some are entire car bodies, that just need trucks and will be ready to run... They will be in the 10-15 $ range.

Case lots....As time permits, will also be offering some freight cars in case lots, at discounted prices.  Not a lot...just several cases each of maybe 20 different Atlas freight cars.




Aug 27, 2016...Weaver 20' containers, now being produced by Atlas, have arrived in Evergreen, MOL, K-Line, and Hanjin.  Also The Rio Grande Trainman 60' passenger cars have finally arrived.  We will be sending out invoices for pre-orders for these items on monday.

Other items that have arrived in the past few months...and we have in stock..Atlas Trainman 60' passenger cars in NH, NYC, C&O, SF, CNJ/NJDOT, CNW, CBQ.  Also 25,000 and 11,000 gal tank cars, 50' PS-1 box cars, 60' auto parts box cars, 48' Pines trailers, and California Zephyr Dome cars.

All new Atlas items announced thru the end of 2016 are now on the website, available for pre-order.

Weaver...We bought a large amount of weaver stock when they closed last year.  We have in stock 57' mechanical reefers, Milwaukee road ribbed side box cars, 50' plug door box cars, 50' tank cars, and H31 Covered hopper cars that were in stock when they closed. Also we have over 1000 other weaver cars in stock.   Also available for pre-order are Weaver troop cars, and B&O wagon top box cars, which are going to be manufactured by Atlas.


 Feb 16, 2016....Getting caught up.  Started putting up more Golden Gate depot passenger cars that we have in stock, on the web. 
After that we will to get more Atlas engines up for sale. The shipping routine has come down to mostly on mondays and fridays. (School takes up most of tues-wed-thurs. ) 

Feb 10, 2016.  Running 1-2 weeks behind on shipping.   Too much going on in my life. You wanna hear...You got an hour?

Atlas...52' gondolas, PS-2 40' covered hoppers, and the U23b's that we've waiting for, for 4 years, have arrived.  Some people who ordered these engines years ago, have not responded to us.  What we currently have in stock is on the website. I'm trying to get all the new Atlas pre-orders up on the site too.  A lot are already there.  Golden Gate Depot....Have a number of the modernized heavyweight cars in stock.  They are boxed in 4 car sets, but we are selling them individually, If you don;t mind them just packed in styrafoam. We also have some older GGD passenger cars in stock....I need to check what we have had get them back up on the web.

Jan 2, 2016.  Happy new year to everyone.  Here's the latest....Atlas 40' reefers, 62' bulkhead flat cars, and 68' flat cars have arrived.  We will be sending notices to those who pre-ordered, shortly. All have a number of Golden Gate Modernized Heavyweight passenger cars here.  Hoping to get them up on the web this week, too.

Arriving in a week or 2 will be the Atlas 40' PS-2 covered hopper cars, 52' gondolas, and Believe it or not, U23b's that everyone ordered years ago.                                                                      New pre-orders up on the web...Atlas Troop Sleeper cars (The Weaver troop sleepers; Atlas bought the molds), and 8000 gallon tank cars.  These are all up on the website for pre-order. 

Personally, not that u asked, I'm in rehearsals for Niel Simons "The Dinner Party",  School starts next week for the spring, already...and I've got a pretty hefty schedule in drama and music.  So this should be interesting!

NOV 15, 2015.....Now shipping Atlas California Zephyr Baggage cars and Dome/lounge/dorm cars.   If you have these cars on pre-order, please do not call us and ask about the cars.  We are in the process of shipping now.  Next we will ship the Latest Atlas Coil cars, and bay window cabooses.  Thanks for your patience.

Sept 3, 2015....Our shipping guy has been out sick all week, so things are backed up, not that that is unusual. Luckily, its the slow time of the year, and we are only behind by about 10 orders.  Atlas 17,000 gallon tank cars arrived yesterday, so we should start shipping them out next week.  Also we have started shipping the GGD modernized heavyweight cars. We should finish shipping them next week.

In other news that most of u don't cars about...I'm in Steel Magnolias for 3 more weeks of performances, Vocal jazz workshop and jazz ensemble started in August and go thru Dec.,  just picked up 2 singing gigs in Sept., back to doing stand-up about once a week, and, auditions for a number of shows coming up.  Its all a lot of work, but worth it. 


August 10, 2015...

      Atlas California Zephyr, Amtrak and Alaska Railroad Dome cars are now up on the web site for pre-order. They will probably arrive in about a year. 

August 9, 2015.....

       My dad is in the hospital and will pass with a few days.  He is 94, and the body just doesn't last forever.  My mom has big time memory loss, so she needs to be taken care of too, and there will be a lot to do. (Not to mention 4 performing arts classes a week, and I'm in Steel Magnolias thru the end of Sept.)

Thanks for your thoughts, but what I really need is for everyone to be patient about receiving their orders. We are about 20 orders behind right now, and we have pre-orders for 60' auto parts box cars, PS4750's, trainman 40' sliding door box cars, and GGD heavyweights to get out. All those items are here, we just need to fill pre-orders for them.  If u need an item for a present or a special event, please let us know.  Also I will try to get all new Atlas items that will be announced thru december, 2015, up on the web site.  This will include more California Zephyr dome cars, PS-1 50' box cars, NE-6 cabooses, PS4427 covered hoppers, 89' flat cars and trailers, Trinity 5161 covered hoppers, 11,000 gal tank cars, another run of trainman 40' box cars, and others I'm forgetting right now.   Also we have a lot of new special run cars up for pre-orders....8000 gal tank cars, 40' box cars, and other stuff.    Thanks,    Beth



      August 1, 2015:

       The following cars have been shipped for all who pre-ordered, with just a few exceptions for those we are still waiting for payment from.   If you pre-ordered and have not received your cars, please email us at  We do have extras, so we can still take care of anyone whose order was lost in the cracks.

Atlas O California Zephyr Dome observation cars and 6-5 sleepers                        Golden Gate "Finish" sets  (4 car sets)

Now shipping: Atlas O: Morristown and Erie Box cars, Susquehanna Box cars, Nevada Northern Hopper cars, PS4750s, 40' sliding door box cars.  Shipping later this month:
Golden Gate Modernized heavyweight coaches.

Weaver Models closing.....The weaver models closing was very sudden and quick.  Announcement to shutdown was 2 weeks, with another 2 weeks alloted to shipping outstanding orders.  We had to scramble to get what we could.   We did manage to get the remainder of the MILW ribbed side box cars, the 40' wood side gondolas, 40' tank cars, PRR/PC/CR H30 covered hopper cars, tropicana 57' reefers, and a smattering of other stuff.NOTE:  Since the Weaver trucks/couplers and car bodies were manufactured separately, the trucks were added to the cars as ordered.  In the end, there were 1000+ more car bodies remaining than trucks/couplers.  If you have Weaver trucks and couplers, metal or plastic, just letting u know that they will be in short supply.  Especially the diecast ones.  We would like to get another 1000 pair ourselves, but its just not possible right now.  I guess we'll see what happens.....