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Welcome to The Public Delivery Track

"O" gauge model trains, 2 and 3 rail..Atlas, Weaver, Golden Gate, Sunset/3rd rail, MTH, K-line, Williams, Lionel.  Specializing in full scale models of the real railroads. We have "old, new stock" going back 20 years, call  or email for specific wants.  "We know trains"..Thanks for your business!

The Latest News

March 21

Now Shipping!

  • Atlas 25,500 Gallon Tank Cars
  • Atlas ACF 70 ton Covered Hoppers
  • Atlas 40' Steel Rebuilt Box Cars

February 21

Thank you for your patience! Beth's pinched nerve is getting better and she can now get up and around a little. We expect to resume shipping on Monday.

January 24

We're sorry for any inconvenience.
Beth suffering from a severely pinched nerve and is currently on temporary bed rest. There will be shipping delays of a few extra days on all orders, but we will resume shipping as soon as we are able.

January 1

Atlas O 62' bulkhead flat cars, PS4750's covered hoppers, and Trinity 5161 covered hoppers have arrived.
We will start shipping all pre-orders on Dec 6th, when we return from an east coast trip.

Complete Your Set!

Atlas Announces California Zephyr Buffet-Lounge-Dome Observation Cars and 6-5 Sleeping Cars
Now Available for Pre-Order

  • Observation Cars:CB&Q Silver Penthouse, DRGW Silver Sky, WP Silver Crescent
  • 6-5 Sleeper Cars: CB&Q Silver Quail, D&RGW Silver Gull, WP Silver Crane

See You at York, PA TCA!

We are away for the York, PA TCA train show through Wednesday, Oct 23. Shipping will resume on Thursday, Oct 24. If you are coming to York this year, don't forget to see us in the Brown Hall!

September 28

Atlas O California Zephyr Diner/Sleeper Cars: Arriving in Mid October!

  • Sleeper Cars: Silver Maple, Silver Aspen, and Silver Palm
  • Diner Cars: Silver Banquet, Silver Platter, and Silver Cafe

September 5

Now "On the Water" from Atlas O:

  • 40' Sliding Door Box Cars: Ann Arbor, Frisco, MC, RFP, SF
    • Check out our Special Runs: C&EI, D&H, WP, NP
  • Standard Cupola and EV Cabooses: SF, MC, N&W, NP, NS, GN
  • Atlas O 40' Wood Reefers: Producer's Creamery, Best Foods Mayo, Midland Continental RR, Jelke Margarine, Horvitz Brothers, Central Creamery
  • Pulpwood Flat Cars:ICG, SF, SCL, SP, WM

September 2

GGD Aluminum Coaches: UP, NYC, C&O, NP, SP. Arriving in two weeks!

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